Four Things to Know about Wiregrass Marketing

1. Extensive Marketing Experience

My name is John Luedemann, and I created Wiregrass Marketing after 15 years working in marketing and public relations positions. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations. Following several years at a small public relations agency, serving mostly small business and non-profit clients in and around Austin, I relocated to Houston, Texas.

Working in one of the largest media markets in the U.S. provided me with a wealth of experience in public relations and marketing. I served as the manager of marketing and public relations for Lone Star College, one of the nation’s largest community colleges. Prior to that, I was a marketing writer at the state’s most prestigious university, Rice University.

These roles afforded me the unique opportunity to work with a diverse group of people on a variety of public relations and marketing initiatives. In addition, I have been lucky enough to have incredible mentors in the field. As owner of Wiregrass Marketing, I intend to make the most of this experience, and provide outstanding marketing and public relations services to small businesses and non-profit organizations in Dothan, Alabama and throughout the Wiregrass Region.

2. Based in Dothan, Alabama

In 2015, my wife’s hard work and determination culminated with her admission to the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine in Dothan, Alabama. That summer we left our careers, and many of our family and friends, in Texas to begin a new chapter in the Wiregrass. Fortunately, as part of our transition I was able to enjoy being a stay-at-home dad while our six-year-old adjusted to the change, and life in kindergarten.

Now that my family and I have acclimated to our new roles and responsibilities, I am excited to establish new relationships and resume my career in marketing and public relations. I strongly believe that Wiregrass Marketing can fill a demand for marketing and public relations services in Dothan and the surrounding area.  

3. Committed to Small Businesses and Non-Profits

As a new resident of the Wiregrass, one of the things that struck me immediately was its thriving small business and non-profit community. It quickly became apparent that some of the most successful and well-known entities in and around Dothan were small businesses and non-profits with a long history and deep connection to the community.

This environment was a critical factor in my decision to create Wiregrass Marketing. Small business is in my blood. For nearly 35 years my father owned and operated a small business in our hometown. It was a business that got its start more than 100 years ago and passed through three generations of my family. Although I did not continue the tradition, I did see first-hand the dedication and work ethic that owning a business requires. I also witnessed how the passion of a small-business owner, and its rich history, can add unmatched value to a brand.

Similarly, I have found throughout my career that the individuals involved with non-profits often have an incredible commitment to the mission of their organizations. And often, they have extremely compelling stories driving their efforts. The fact that both types of entities share a sincere desire to improve the communities they serve, is an ideal match for Wiregrass Marketing’s storytelling approach, and why I will be committed to building relationships with those organizations.

4. Focused on Public Relations, Digital, Copywriting & Photography

Marketing is an incredibly broad field, and one that is growing to include new tactics every day. When I created Wiregrass Marketing, I wanted to concentrate on what I could do best, and make it clear to my clients how the services I offered could impact them. I spent a considerable amount of time reviewing my past experience, paying attention to how businesses were marketing themselves in and around Dothan, and exploring ideas about the current and future marketing trends. In the end, I chose to target four areas of expertise:

Thanks to my degree and extensive experience in public relations, I understand the invaluable credibility that a well-planned public relations campaign can offer to an organization's audience. In addition, the foundation of public relations is effective writing, a strength that I have honed throughout my career.

Digital marketing is not just the future; it is essential to almost any successful marketing campaign. Not only do I have experience in social media and email marketing, I have created and overseen effective online advertising campaigns that attract potential customers and funnel them through the entire conversion process.

Reaching the right audience with the right message is key. A creative concept or well-designed marketing piece can be ruined if your messaging is not sincere, concise and persuasive. I have built my career on an ability to write engaging content that achieves all three of those goals.

During the last six years I have had a growing interest in photography. I have spent much of my spare time learning the lighting, composition and editing techniques that are required for commercial photography. Thanks to my passion for photography, I have experience in real estate, portraiture, product and event photography. Now, I look forward to offering these photography services to help support Wiregrass Marketing’s commitment to storytelling.