Why You Should Love Your Customers’ Role in Marketing

Don't overlook your current customers when it comes to marketing plans. Not only are they an important audience to communicate with, they can provide invaluable insight into your story, and are a critical part of your public relations. For all those reasons and more, make sure you're giving your customers the love they deserve.

Why Super Bowl Commercials Set a Bad Advertising Example

At up to $5 million dollars for a 30 second spot, Super Bowl commercials are must-see television. So, with millions of people watching, and countless office conversations and viral content at stake, how can this advertising set a bad example for businesses and organizations?

Four Things to Know about Wiregrass Marketing

Wiregrass Marketing is excited to bring its unique storytelling approach to Dothan, Alabama and the surrounding area. Discover the four things you should know about our business, and what they can mean for yours.